Superintendent Updates

Why are some of the teeing grounds brown or straw colored?
The teeing grounds such as number one have been sodded with Bermuda grass. The grass that is brown is in a dormant state.  Dormancy occurs once temperatures are reduced during the winter months.  Here at Franklin Canyon this would usually be from mid November through the early part of March. Once temperatures rise consistently above 60 you will see these dormant areas turn green again and will remain so until the following winter.

Some teeing grounds are brown due to being in a dormant state

Why did you put Bermuda grass on the tees.
Bermuda grass is a durable turfgrass for the majority of our growing season (March through October).  It thrives in warm and even hot temperatures and requires less water than many grasses during the summer months.  During the summer Bermuda grass also is tolerant of heavy foot and cart traffic and recuperates quickly from divots and other turf damage.